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Embrace The Pain: It is trying to tell you something!

The current concept of modern healthcare is to treat the pain! This however, might not be the best strategy: pain has a purpose. Imagine it’s the middle of the night: you are startled awake by the shrieking of your smoke detector. In an adrenaline induced rush, you grab the nearby chair, jump up and snatch… Read more »

High Blood Pressure? 10 Factors that can elevate it at the Doctors office!

10 Factors That Can Increase Your Blood Pressure ~ At Your Doctor’s Office Have you visited your doctor’s office and were shocked to find that your blood pressure was  high? It happens to many individuals. What most do not realize is that our blood pressure is in a constant state of flux depending upon our… Read more »

Beat Pregnancy Back Pain!

75% of women experienced relief with chiropractic care! Along with the joys of expecting a child, many women also dread the physical discomforts that are associated with pregnancy. One of the most common is back pain! Yet while back pain in pregnancy is frequent, in most cases it doesn’t have to be so bad. It… Read more »

Life A Pain In The Neck?

by Dr. Martin Schmaltz Your Daily Life Can Cause Neck Pain Computer work. Watching TV. Game stations. Cell phone usage. Poor posture. Stress. All these can literally make life a pain in the neck! Your neck is the most vulnerable par of your spine. This delicate structure consists of 7 bones called vertebrae.  These vertebrae… Read more »

How Old Is Your Back?

For Many People, Their Back Is Older Than They Are It is not uncommon for us to see a patient for some a recent onset of type of back pain. After exam and x-rays, we find that their disc or spinal joints are significantly degenerated. One particular patient was a semi-professional bodybuilder in their early… Read more »

Are You A Vacation Victim?

A Vacation Victim Brings Back More Than Souvenirs It’s the middle of July and it is vacation time! You sense the call of the mountains, the beach, the sun the fun! Yet many people will return from their trips as Vacation Victims! What is a Vacation Victim? Someone who brings back more than memories and… Read more »

More Prescription Painkiller Deaths Than Heroin OD!

16,000 Prescription Painkiller Deaths A recent study by researchers at McGill University, published in the American Journal of Public Health, demonstrated a dramatic increase in deaths due to prescribed painkillers. In fact, it was noted that deaths from prescribed painkillers was higher than the combined overdoses of heroin and cocaine! The study further states that… Read more »

Back Pain? Acetaminophen not effective according to research

According to new research, acetaminophen is no better at relieving back pain than placebo or sugar pills! Lower back pain is one of the most common ailments to man and probably the most common source of disability. One of the standard treatments for back pain has been the recommendation to use acetaminophen. Commonly sold as… Read more »

Blood Test Demonstrates Chiropractic Works!

 Chiropractic Works, Scientifically Proven Science has proven what millions of people have known for years: you feel good after a chiropractic treatment (AKA Adjustment). A study published in Journal Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy verified what happens in the body after an adjustment. Scientist at the University of Spain used students that were asymptomatic (without… Read more »

Stress: A Proven Affective Means Of Relief

Chiropractic Provides Stress Relief! Stress – just thinking about it can set you on edge. From time to time, most people will feel stressed: jobs, marriage, children, finances and a myriad of other events can increase our stress levels. Coping with stress varies from one individual to the next: some handle it better and other… Read more »