Embrace The Pain: It is trying to tell you something!

courtesy: criticalscience.com

courtesy: criticalscience.com

The current concept of modern healthcare is to treat the pain! This however, might not be the best strategy: pain has a purpose.

Imagine it’s the middle of the night: you are startled awake by the shrieking of your smoke detector. In an adrenaline induced rush, you grab the nearby chair, jump up and snatch the battery out of the smoke detector. The ensuing silence is bliss to your shattered nerves. Calmly you go back to bed and hope you can recapture that dream of the tropical paradise! Sound about right? — WRONG!

You and I both know that is not what we would do. We would run screaming through the house, awakening other family members as we frantically searched for the CAUSE of the detectors alarm.

Unfortunately, the first scenario is what many people do regarding their health. Either suddenly or by a gradual nature, pain strikes! The first thing we do is reach for the closest available pill to pop. Maybe it is Ibuprofin, Tylenol, Aleve or some other over the counter drug (OTC). Our first reaction is to stop the pain. If this eliminates or diminishes the pain, we continue on with our daily routines.

However, if the OTC drugs do not work, we decide to consult a professional. Again, because of the current mindset of healthcare, our first objective is to “get rid of the pain!” So we typically expect stronger drugs from the professional.

The problem with this mindset is that in many cases, we fail to address the CAUSE of the pain. Just like the smoke detector, pain is our body’s alarm system. It is activated to get our attention: SOMETHING IS WRONG! Numbing our pain with drugs is the same as removing the battery from the smoke detector. We may enjoy the relief – for a moment. But we can be setting ourselves up for more damage.

The best action is to embrace your pain! Now I don’t mean you have to like it or learn to live with it. What should be done is get to the cause of the pain before it has a chance to get worse.

This is where quality chiropractic care can help. Through proper examination and treatment, in most cases, chiropractic care can not only relieve your pain, but stabilize the cause! This can help you to prevent future pain or damage.

So, before you reach for the bottle of pain reliever, for the umpteenth time: reach for the phone and call your chiropractor!
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