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Herniated Low Back Disc: what works and what doesn’t

A herniated low back disc is one of the common causes of low back pain. They are more common in those who are 30 to 50 years of age, and twice as common in men verses women. The pain can be localized to the low back or it can also cause leg pain or numbness… Read more »

Three Simple Steps To A Healthy Back

In my decades of experience treating patients, very few have given much thought to what it takes to have a healthy back. In fact, most do not take very good care of their back. Years of poor work position, poor posture, lack of exercise and stretching can lead you on a path from a healthy… Read more »

4 Things You Can Do For Plantar Fasciitis

The plantar fascia is a thick strong tissue, surrounding the muscles in the bottom of the foot. The fascia is attached on the bottom of the heel and stretches forward becoming broader and thinner and then divides into 5 small sections and attaches to the bones in the ball of the foot. One of the… Read more »

What Not To Do For Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a common cause of foot pain. The plantar fascia is a web like ligament that runs on the bottom of your foot, from the heel to the ball of your foot. Its purpose is to support the arch of the foot and to act as a shock absorber when pressure or weight… Read more »

Failed Back Surgery and Chiropractic

Many patients have experienced failed back surgery. Having surgery for back pain is not a magic bullet cure. It has been shown that up to 40% of people who have had surgery, continue to suffer with some type of pain afterwards. Many times, the only option these patients are given is another surgery: yet the… Read more »

3 Steps To Prevent Back or Neck Pain When Working From Home

Chances are you are or will be working from home during this COVID-19 pandemic. While this may be a wise decision to help prevent the spread of this flu, it can lead to an increase of neck pain when working from home. While your work is probably the same, your work setup or workstation is… Read more »

Loss of neck curve and disc herniations

The normal neck curve of the spine is a backwards C-shape called cervical lordosis. This neck curve is the first curve to develop in our spines as babies begin to hold their heads up. As it develops, it increases weight on the individual discs and can be a major site of disc herniation. It has… Read more »

Choosing The Right Chiropractor

Choosing the right chiropractor requires gathering enough information to feel comfortable making a choice. Chiropractors, also called Doctors Of Chiropractic (DC) or Chiropractic Physicians focus their care on the evaluation and treatment of most musculoskeletal pains IE: muscles joints and nerves. This can include the spine, arms and legs and include such conditions as back… Read more »

10 Tips To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

A good night’s sleep is what many people are lacking today. Unfortunately, with our fast paced, high tech, media driven culture many people are sleep deprived. Being tired can affect many aspects of our lives; from work, recreation and relationships.  It is not uncommon for patients to ask their Doctor of Chiropractic what they can… Read more »

How Not To Be An Opioid Statistic

Opioid Crisis Statistics The over prescription of opioid pain relievers has left a trail of heart ache and harsh statistics. Below are some numbers regarding opioid use, illnesses and death based on information for the CDC. 1. Approximately 218,000 deaths linked to opioid prescription 1990 to 2017 2. 130 per day – the average number… Read more »