Stress: A Proven Affective Means Of Relief

Chiropractic Provides Stress Relief!

Stress & Chronic Pain

Stress – just thinking about it can set you on edge. From time to time, most people will feel stressed: jobs, marriage, children, finances and a myriad of other events can increase our stress levels. Coping with stress varies from one individual to the next: some handle it better and other don’t. The key to relief is to find something that works for you.

What Is Stress?

Stress is the response of our brain to demands that are placed on us. There are many different events that can trigger a stress response and they are unique as the individual. What causes this response for one person may not be a big deal for another.

A recent study was conducted in Japan to determine if chiropractic adjustments could alert the stress levels in 12 women and men with neck pain. The Japanese scientist determined to obtain an objective measurement of how adjustments affect our nervous system: to do this, they used PET scans to record brain activity and to measure hormone changes they sampled their saliva.

The test revealed that after the adjustments, there was a change in brain activity in the centers responsible for pain and stress reactions. There was also noted a reduction in stress levels as indicated by a measured reduced cortisol level.

These results indicate how chiropractic adjustments can affect our body’s nervous system and how it copes with pain and stress situations.

Chiropractic physicians and patients have known for years that adjustments not only relieve pain, they make you feel good. Now the research indicates that they have a direct affect on the brain and nervous system, producing stress relief and improving your life!

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