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Hand Numb: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? 3 Self Tests

Is it Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Carpal tunnel syndrome, or CTS, is a buzz word today among many people, especially office workers. There is an assumption that most hand pain or numbness is carpal tunnel. The fact is, not all hand pain is CTS. CTS typically causes a numbness or tingling in the thumb and first… Read more »

The Right Treatment For Auto Injury: Whiplash

Auto accidents are a common hazard of living in a metro area. These collisions can cause injuries to the spine that can result in long-term pain. One study reported that 30% of individuals injured in rear-end impacts suffered from pain TWO YEARS after the crash! Another study at Bristol University, UK revealed, “43% of patients… Read more »

3 Types of stress & how it hurts!

How’s your stress level? Headache? Pain across the top of your shoulders? Many people attribute these symptoms to stress. Unfortunately, they also diminish the affect it has on their body and end up causing chronic pain cycles which can be disabling and just plain make life miserable! Researched has revealed that stress can be a… Read more »

Zombies & Chiropractic

Zombies Need Chiropractic Too! So what do zombies and chiropractic have in common? On the surface not much it appears. Yet – have you noticed their lifestyle? The average zombie wanders mindlessly through life, not paying attention to the damage they are inflicting. So much stress on their bodies! First, look at their posture. For… Read more »

6 Steps For Successful New Year Resolution

How To Succeed With Your Resolutions! It’s January, a new year and we vow to make changes! We all want to improve our life: exercise, lose some weight, drop bad habits or any other numerous ideals we want to pursue. Unfortunately, as we all know, many times these resolutions fall by the wayside as the… Read more »

3 Myths of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Not All Hand Pain Or Numbness Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Many individuals suffer from hand pain or numbness and it is natural to associate this with a carpal tunnel syndrome or CTS. In this video, Hazelwood chiropractor, Dr. Martin Schmaltz presents three of the common myths regarding carpal tunnel syndrome. They include: 1. Not all… Read more »

High Blood Pressure? 10 Factors that can elevate it at the Doctors office!

10 Factors That Can Increase Your Blood Pressure ~ At Your Doctor’s Office Have you visited your doctor’s office and were shocked to find that your blood pressure was  high? It happens to many individuals. What most do not realize is that our blood pressure is in a constant state of flux depending upon our… Read more »

Are You A Vacation Victim?

A Vacation Victim Brings Back More Than Souvenirs It’s the middle of July and it is vacation time! You sense the call of the mountains, the beach, the sun the fun! Yet many people will return from their trips as Vacation Victims! What is a Vacation Victim? Someone who brings back more than memories and… Read more »

More Prescription Painkiller Deaths Than Heroin OD!

16,000 Prescription Painkiller Deaths A recent study by researchers at McGill University, published in the American Journal of Public Health, demonstrated a dramatic increase in deaths due to prescribed painkillers. In fact, it was noted that deaths from prescribed painkillers was higher than the combined overdoses of heroin and cocaine! The study further states that… Read more »

Auto Or Sports Injury? Don’t Do This Home Therapy!

Auto or Sports Injury: One home treatment you should never do! You have been involved in an auto accident and suffered a whiplash injury to your neck. The pain is excruciating: your neck hurts, your head is pounding and it’s hard to turn your neck! All you can think of is relief, so you reach… Read more »