Zombies & Chiropractic

St Louis Chiropractor and zombies

Zombies Need Chiropractic Too!

So what do zombies and chiropractic have in common? On the surface not much it appears. Yet – have you noticed their lifestyle? The average zombie wanders mindlessly through life, not paying attention to the damage they are inflicting. So much stress on their bodies!

First, look at their posture. For many, they maintain awkward positions: head forward, tilted to one side, hunched shoulders with arms hanging listlessly. And they “live” this way, day in, day out! This type of posture puts major stress on the neck and upper back. It would not surprise me one bit that the zombie would suffer from neck pain, numbness or tingling down the arms, headaches or mid-back pain. That is, if they were alive!

Second, have you ever noticed how they walk: actually, more of a shuffle.  This gait puts so much stress on the low back, pelvis, knees and feet. I am sure that these zombies must suffer from low back, knee or leg pain! Every step must be excruciating slow – no wonder they don’t like fast-food!

Speaking of food, we won’t even get into their diet!

Don’t Be A Zombie!

While we know zombies are not real, we are. We put similar stresses on our neck and back daily, resulting in irritated nerves, muscles and joint issues.

Don’t’ be a zombie, wandering mindlessly through life suffering from neck pain, headaches, low back pain or any other pain. Call Dr. Martin Schmaltz today at (314) 731-420.  After all, you are alive and have this one life to live!

Dr. Martin Schmaltz is a St Louis chiropractor located in Hazelwood MO. He prefers treating the living more than the un-dead! He has years experience treating people who suffer from: whiplash, neck injury, car accidents, headaches, lowback pain, carpal tunnel and many other conditions.