6 Steps For Successful New Year Resolution

How To Succeed With Your Resolutions!

It’s January, a new year and we vow to make changes! We all want to improve our life: exercise, lose some weight, drop bad habits or any other numerous ideals we want to pursue. Unfortunately, as we all know, many times these resolutions fall by the wayside as the month progresses.

While no system can guarantee success, here are a few tips that can increase your success at accomplishing your resolutions.

Tips For Success:

1. Write them down.

In the healthcare industry there is a saying: “If it isn’t written, it didn’t happen.” Writing your goals helps you clarify them. It gets them from the ethereal dreaming state to a concrete plan.

2. Make them realistic!

You want to lose 30 pounds: you can’t do it in two week! Likewise, you won’t be able to run a 5k with only 2-3 weeks training. Set measurable incremental goals.

3. Post them in an obviously place.

Place your goals and plans in a place that you will see them daily. As you review them, uses this as an opportunity to chart your success.

4. Find a partner.

It is always more fun and successful when sharing the journey. When you are struggling, you can encourage each other.

5. It’s a journey.

View this as a journey of self-discovery! If you happen to slip, use it as a learning experience:what was it that triggered the lapse.  On a good day, what was it that provided the motivation for success?

6. Get professional advice.

If you have not exercised in a while, don’t just jump into it. If you have been experiencing soreness and stiffness, don’t just assume exercise will “loosen” you up: it may be the sign of underlying degenerative changes.

Get a check up before you start, the last thing you need is to have your plan’s stymied because of pain.


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