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Auto Injury: How to make pain management work

After an auto collision many will seek the care of a pain management specialist. These doctors typically use oral medication or injections to help provide some relief. The goal of pain management is reducing inflammation or providing a numbing effect. However, this does not address the actual cause of the inflammation or the dysfunction of… Read more »

Short Drivers and Airbags – What To Know

The number one safety tip for short drivers and airbags is: keep a safe distance from the steering wheel airbag. The NHTSA recommends the safe distance of 10 inches between the air bag cover on the steering wheel and the chest. Why Is There A Concern For Short Drivers And Airbags? The concern here is… Read more »

Jaw Pain After An Auto Accident

While neck pain is one of the most common complaints with an auto accident, many patients report pain in the jaw after an auto accident. Depending upon the research reviewed, it is estimated that 1 in three to one in 4 whiplash injured patients will develop pain in the jaw.  Located just in front of… Read more »

An Often Overlooked Neurological Injury With Whiplash

Many think a whiplash is just a “simple” strain sprain injury and there should be full recovery in about 8 weeks. Yet evidence shows that up to 40% of persons sustaining neck trauma because of a motor vehicle crash will go on to have chronic persistent problems. (1,2) One often overlooked neurological injury related to… Read more »

Florissant, get the right care for whiplash

Getting the right care for whiplash in Florissant can be a challenge. Accidents are common in a metro area and can result in injuries to our neck and back that produce long term pain. One study found that of people that were rear-ended, 30% were still suffering pain TWO YEARS after the crash! A study… Read more »

Auto Accident: 4 Delayed Symptoms NOT To Ignore!

In most instances, people quickly realize they are injured after an auto accident. Cuts, broken bones and other types of injury usually present with quick clear symptoms as well as pain. Some, however, don’t experience immediate signs of an injury; especially if it to muscles, joints, ligaments or nerves. In many of these instances there… Read more »

Research Show Women More Likely To Be Injured In Collision

The difference in injury rates suffered by female occupants compared to male occupants during auto collisions is receiving an increase in attention. The University of Virginia (UVA) published a report detailing the trauma distribution and injury risk trends in restrained car occupants. The researchers used data from the US Department of Transportation National Automotive Sampling… Read more »

Permanent Neck Weakness From Whiplash Injury

Research demonstrates that you can have permanent neck weakness from a whiplash auto injury. The strength and stability of our neck is due to small bands of tissues called ligaments, which hold the bones of our neck tightly together. These ligaments contain many small nerve fibers that continually send signals to our brain, relaying the… Read more »

Knee Pain Relief With Chiropractic

Knee pain is common as we grow older, our knees can start to show signs of wear and tear. Research has shown that there is an increasing number of middle – age people seeking knee-replacement surgery. While surgical techniques have improved, it is still a costly and invasive surgery. Fortunately, there is evidence that early… Read more »

2 Critical Reasons To Get Care After An Auto Injury

Many people who have been in a “minor” auto injury fail to understand two critical reasons they should seek care! After an auto accident, many times the focus is on the damage to our cars. We worry about when can I get it fixed or how am I going to get to work. While this… Read more »