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Car Accidents & Common Injuries

you Car Accidents Cause A Host Of Injuries Being involved in a car accident can be very traumatic, both emotionally and physically. There are a number of injuries that you can suffer. Depending upon the details of the impact, any part of your body can be injured, even multiple injuries are common. Some of the… Read more »

Relax Your Back Office Workout – Chair Squats

Many sedentary jobs slowly cause muscle imbalances to develop in the low back and pelvis. These eventually cause distortions of the normal spinal mechanics of low back. Left untreated, this can produce irritation of the spinal joints, muscles and nerves resulting in various pain patterns. Some of the more common symptoms include: low back and… Read more »

Whiplash Injury: Watch How It Happens.

Whiplash Injury Demonstrated The term whiplash has been used to describe the type of motion that causes neck injury during an auto accident. In past years it was believed that the head and neck was forcibly whipped forwards and back. However, more modern research has demonstrated a different motion that causes the injury. When struck… Read more »

Whiplash Pain -3 Common Causes

Whiplash Pain And It’s Cause Whiplash is a common term used to describe the type of injury someone suffers when they are involved in a car accident. This term is used to describe what is believed to be the mechanism of how the injury occurs: a “whipping” of the head forward and back. (See how… Read more »