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Auto Injury More Than Just Neck Pain!

Auto accidents cause more than just neck pain! Having been in practice since 1984, I have seen my share of auto accident-related injuries. While the most common complaint was neck pain, most of my patients had more than just neck pain! However, what is sad, most research regarding auto injuries focus mostly on the neck!… Read more »

Auto Accident: 4 Delayed Symptoms NOT To Ignore!

In most instances, people quickly realize they are injured after an auto accident. Cuts, broken bones and other types of injury usually present with quick clear symptoms as well as pain. Some, however, don’t experience immediate signs of an injury; especially if it to muscles, joints, ligaments or nerves. In many of these instances there… Read more »

Research Show Women More Likely To Be Injured In Collision

The difference in injury rates suffered by female occupants compared to male occupants during auto collisions is receiving an increase in attention. The University of Virginia (UVA) published a report detailing the trauma distribution and injury risk trends in restrained car occupants. The researchers used data from the US Department of Transportation National Automotive Sampling… Read more »

What Causes Chronic Pain After An Auto Accident

After an auto injury, some patients will develop widespread chronic pain. Years ago, these people were thought to be faking or exaggerating their injury pain. However, we now know there can be actual changes to the brain and nervous system that are the cause of this chronic pain. During an auto collision, the muscles, ligaments,… Read more »

Whiplash Neck Injury: How Long Till I Feel Better?

The Affects of Whiplash Neck Injury Whiplash neck injury is a common occurrence in our society today. While whiplash is not a diagnostic term, it describes the generalized action that causes damage to various parts of the neck and upper back. The most common cause of this type of injury is usually a car accident…. Read more »

Car Accidents & Common Injuries

you Car Accidents Cause A Host Of Injuries Being involved in a car accident can be very traumatic, both emotionally and physically. There are a number of injuries that you can suffer. Depending upon the details of the impact, any part of your body can be injured, even multiple injuries are common. Some of the… Read more »

Auto Or Sports Injury? Don’t Do This Home Therapy!

Auto or Sports Injury: One home treatment you should never do! You have been involved in an auto accident and suffered a whiplash injury to your neck. The pain is excruciating: your neck hurts, your head is pounding and it’s hard to turn your neck! All you can think of is relief, so you reach… Read more »

Auto Accident With Minimal Damage & Injury

How Minimal Damage In An Accident Cause An Injury? Many insurance companies have an arbitrary dollar amount, such as $1,000, of property damage before they will take an injury claim serious. Their belief is that if there is minimal damage, the victim cannot have been hurt. However, there are basic principles of physics involved in… Read more »

When That Auto Accident Rings Your Bell!

Why are my ears ringing after my auto accident? Many people who sustain whiplash type injuries from an auto accident experience the common symptoms such as: neck pain, stiffness and headaches. These are due to the damages inflicted upon the structures of the neck including the ligaments, muscles and small neck joints called facets. There… Read more »