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Whiplash & Shoulder Pain – North County Chiropractor

1 in 4 Whiplash Injuries Develop Shoulder Pain About 26% of individuals experiencing a whiplash injury from an auto collision develop shoulder pain. Determining the source can be a diagnostic challenge, therefore a detailed and thorough examination is essential. In general, there are four injured structures that can contribute to shoulder pain. In some instance,… Read more »

Chronic Back Pain

Are you suffering with chronic back pain? Does your back hurt? Is it stiff and achy in the morning? Maybe you have the “catch” as you get up and move around. Are you experiencing numbness or a burning sensation in your back? Life is too short to live with back pain! The Biggest Back Pain… Read more »

Don’t Be A Failure!

74% Back Surgeries Fail! Not The Answer! Are you experiencing low back or leg pain? Have you been told surgery is necessary? Don’t be too quick to submit to the knife! You could become a failure! Studies show up to a 74% failure rate for low back surgery! Using the Ohio Bureau of Workers compensation,… Read more »

Neck Pain & Headaches: The Upper Cross Syndrome

Neck Pain & Headaches: A Common Cause What Is Upper Cross Syndrome? Upper crossed syndrome, also known as “student syndrome” or “corporate syndrome”, is a pattern of tight and weak muscles the body develops based off of one’s postural tendencies. The most common trait for someone with upper crossed syndrome rounded shoulders and the head… Read more »

Life A Pain In The Neck?

by Dr. Martin Schmaltz Your Daily Life Can Cause Neck Pain Computer work. Watching TV. Game stations. Cell phone usage. Poor posture. Stress. All these can literally make life a pain in the neck! Your neck is the most vulnerable par of your spine. This delicate structure consists of 7 bones called vertebrae.  These vertebrae… Read more »

How Old Is Your Back?

For Many People, Their Back Is Older Than They Are It is not uncommon for us to see a patient for some a recent onset of type of back pain. After exam and x-rays, we find that their disc or spinal joints are significantly degenerated. One particular patient was a semi-professional bodybuilder in their early… Read more »

5 Common Causes of Low Back Pain

It is estimated that about 80% of the adult population at some point in their life suffer from low back pain. It is the most common cause of lost work time and work related disability. Both men and women suffer equally from low back pain with pain ranging from a mild dull stiffness to sudden… Read more »

Snow Shoveling & Back Pain

Prevent Back Pain From Snow Shoveling Winter is upon us and that typically means snow and its removal. For many, this means bundling up and grabbing the old snow shovel and hitting the driveway. Unfortunately, for many, snow shoveling is a common cause of back pain. Thankfully, there are some simple things you can do… Read more »

Do You Have Text Neck?

Text Neck – When your phone is a pain in the neck! Text Neck is a recently new term that has been published in health related news. Text Neck refers to the damage and pain caused by frequently looking down at our modern technology such as cell phones or tablets. We find that adolescents and… Read more »

How To Sit At Your Computer or Desk

Workstations Can Aggravate Your Pain! Whether due to an auto injury or chronic pain, your neck and back problem can be aggravated by improper posture while sitting at your desk or computer. Proper posture and optimizing your workstation will go a long way to helping your pain. By adjusting your chair, desk, monitor and keyboard … Read more »