How To Sit At Your Computer or Desk

Workstations Can Aggravate Your Pain!

Whether due to an auto injury or chronic pain, your neck and back problem can be aggravated by improper posture while sitting at your desk or computer. Proper posture and optimizing your workstation will go a long way to helping your pain. By adjusting your chair, desk, monitor and keyboard  you create better alignment of your back and neck while working. This will allow for a more relaxed spine.

Ergonomics of sitting at computer

To avoid strain on your neck and back, arrange your desk, computer and chair to keep your neck and lower back in a neutral position. This aids in keeping the muscles of your neck, shoulders, hips and lower back relaxed.

A:  Position your screen at eye level and directly in front of you. The distance from your eyes to the screen should be between 16” to 27”.

B:  Have an adjustable chair so that you can change the height and back support. Use your chair to aid in step C below.

C:  Sit with hips, knees and elbows bent to at least a 90 degree angle or a little less. Keep feet flat on floor or use a foot stool. This will raise the knees up slightly and relax the deep muscles of the hips and back

D:  Document holder should be at the same eye level as the screen and close to the monitor.

Also, use a headset if your job entails extensive use of a telephone.

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