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The Dark Side of Soft Tissue Injury and Chronic Pain – Part 1

How many times have you been told, “It’s just a soft tissue injury?” This is an uninformed tactic to diminish the seriousness of the whiplash type soft tissue injury. Unfortunately, many injury victims progress to a state of chronic pain. Various research articles have demonstrated that 40% (1) to 89% (2) of patients still experience… Read more »

The Truth: What Insurance Guidelines Actually Say About Low Impact Injury

It is a common ploy for insurance adjusters to try and associate the severity of an injury to the amount of damage to the car. In essence: little damage, little injury! But what insurance guidelines ACTUALLY say about this? There are guidelines put out by the Reed Group: MDGuidelines Retrun-To-Work Guidelines. Per their documents, the… Read more »

Errors Affecting A Settlement #3 ~ Hazelwood & North County chiropractor, Dr. Martin Schmaltz is a Certified Chiropractic Insurance Consultant, Board Qualified in Orthopedics and practicing chiropractic physician. In this video and others, he share some of the common mistakes found in medical records that could potentially lower the settlement from accident. In this video he discusses “proving medical… Read more »

Neck Injury With Arm Pain, Negative MRI! What’s Up?

It is not uncommon to find a person suffering from whiplash injury who complains of some type of symptoms radiating from the shoulder, down to the arm and hand. The obvious first assumption is that there is a radiculopathy being caused by a “pinched” nerve in the neck. However, it is also not uncommon to… Read more »


A little story to start. A lady visits her doctor complaining of headaches. During the exam the doctor asks her if she wakes up with a headache? She replied; “No he gets up before I do.” I know,  I shouldn’t quit my day job The reality for many people is that headaches are no laughing… Read more »

Pain On The Inside Of The Knee: 4 Causes

Pain on the inside of the knee is one of the most common musculoskeletal pains reported. It is the cause of approximately 6 % of adults visits to their primary care doctors. For those involved in athletics, it is a larger concern. Probably the 4 most common sources of pain on the inside of the… Read more »

School, Backpack & Back Pain

School is about to begin and many parents our shopping for school supplies. A main staple of the back to school shopping is a backpack pack. While it seems that this item is a simple choice, recent research has demonstrated it could cause back pain in your child. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission stated… Read more »

Chronic Neck Stiffness

In our age of technology, complaints of chronic neck stiffness are common. After sitting long hours in front of a computer or hanging our head as we scan our cell phones, we start to feel neck stiffness. In most instances we attribute it to tight muscles: but is this truly the cause? Chronic neck stiffness… Read more »

2 Common Causes of Low Back Pain

In general, there are two causes of low back pain. * First is some type of injury: car accident, sports injury, slips and falls, lifting wrong. * Second, poor body posture, typically while sitting. Injury Process With injuries, there is a rapid and forceful stretching of the muscles of the low back and hips (also… Read more »

Whiplash and Early Arthritis

Osteo arthritis is the most common joint disorder in the US. (1) To many people, the idea of arthritis is an “old age” problem; unfortunately, that is not the case. Evidence show that when the normal motion of a joint is affected, it can accelerate a break down process. It is common for whiplash neck… Read more »