A little story to start. A lady visits her doctor complaining of headaches. During the exam the doctor asks her if she wakes up with a headache? She replied; “No he gets up before I do.” I know,  I shouldn’t quit my day jobHeadache

The reality for many people is that headaches are no laughing matter. Many experience such intense headaches it stops them in their tracks, making life miserable.

A key to finding relief for your headaches is in knowing what type you are experience. While this article is not meant to be a diagnosis, the information can give you an idea of what kind of headache you are suffering from. A thorough exam by our office would be the next step to finding relieve.

For most people, their type of headache falls within one of three kinds: Tension Headache, Migraine or Cluster Headache.


With the Tension Headache, the pain is typically dull and achy. It can feel like a tight band around your head. You may notice tension or muscle tightness in your shoulders, neck or even jaw. This type of headache can be triggered by stress, poor work postures, especially sitting at a computer. It is quite common to develop Tension Headaches as an after effect of a neck injury.


The Migraine type headache can be severe and throbbing. There can be nausea, vomiting or a sensitivity to light and sounds.  It may present with an aura, vision disturbances and have a pattern of signs before it starts. Typically, it is on one side of the head.


The Cluster Headache is intense pain and that tends to happen daily or several times a day, lasting for weeks or months. It often starts suddenly and becomes very painful within minutes. Frequently it is centered around or behind one eye. There can even be a runny nose, redness and tearing of one eye.

The good news is that chiropractic care has been proven effective for most types of headaches. Don’t suffer any longer, call our office at (314) 731-4383 or CLICK TO CALL AND MAKE AN APPOINTMENT