Your Workstation Could Be The Cause Of Your Pain!

One of the most common causes of headache, neck and back pain can be your office workstation! Sitting hunched over a computer for countless hours every day causes our bodies to stay in a tight rigid position.   This prolonged posture will cause muscle fatigue which can be the first source of pain.

After many weeks or years of this poor posture at your workstation, it can cause the small ligaments that hold our spinal joints to change, resulting in our spine adapting to the poor posture. So even as we stand up, we can see that hour neck and head is in front of our shoulders.

Left uncorrected, this poor workstation posture can cause us to develop degenerative changes in the neck and result in pain or numbness into the shoulders and arms.

Changing Your Workstation

positive workstation postureOne of the best preventative measures is to change your workstation to a more favorable design: one that corrects the abnormal hunched posture. Begin with your chair, making sure it is adjusted to the proper height. Your knees should be level with your hips and your feet flat on the floor. If your feet are unable to touch the floor, use a box or foot stool.  Also, make sure your chair pushes your back into a straight up position.

Next, make sure your elbows are bent from 90 to 120 degrees by adjusting the height of your keyboard.

Finally, adjust your monitor so it is at eye level.

Standing Desk

Standing desk workstationAnother option that may help prevent workstation pain is to use a standing desk. You should use the same positioning for your monitor, keyboard and your elbows.

Once you have changed your workstation, it may take a little time for the positive effects to show. Just as it took your body time to change to the bad posture, it will take time to correct itself. Here are some simple neck stretches that may help.

If your pain persist, you may need help in re-aligning your joints. That is where chiropractic care can help. Over the years we have seen many people who have developed bad posture and degenerative changes from a poor workstation posture. Gentle chiropractic adjustments work to restore the mobility of the joints, decreasing the irritation and pain. Call our office today at (314) 731-4383 to schedule an appointment or CLICK TO CALL NOW!