Your Neck Could Be The Cause Of Your Headaches

Headaches: Causes & ReliefCervicogenic Headaches

Headaches are common among many people. One of the most common causes is structural misaligned spinal bone in the neck that causes irritation of nerves.

One study demonstrated that chiropractic care can provide relief for certain types of headache. Headaches that start from your neck are called cervicogenic, and often begin with an injury to the neck, such as an auto accident or some type of sports injury. In other instances, they can be caused by abnormal and prolonged  posture; such as sitting at a computer for hours or, looking down at your cell phone or playing video games.

In this study, researchers worked with 80 patients who were suffering from chronic headaches caused by a neck problem. The participants received either chiropractic adjustments or a form of light massage. Those who were in the chiropractic adjustment group demonstrated greater improvement than those in the massage group. Not only did those treated with chiropractic adjustments show better scores on disability and pain tests, they experienced a 50% overall reduction in their symptoms. Further, by the end of the study they had a 33% decrease in the use of medicine and a 50% decrease in headache frequency.

Chiropractic adjustments restore the normal mobility and function of the spine to relieve cervicogenic headaches.

If you are experiencing reoccurring headaches, chiropractic can be an effective and safe way to provide relief. To find out more, call our office today at (314) 731-4383 CLICK TO CALL NOW.

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