Whiplash Injury Video

Rear impact auto collisions are a common cause of neck injury. The research has demonstrated that the injury takes place in less than 75 milliseconds – or quicker than you can blink your eye!

The force of the impact causes an abnormal S shaped motion of the neck. This motion results in a shearing affect on the disc and facet joints, typically at the C5/6 level. This produces damage to the disc itself, the facet capsules as well as a pinching or jamming motion on the joints themselves.

This presentation covers the phases of motion that produce the injury. The video demonstrates the abnormal motion

This media, as well as others are available to our patient’s attorney to aid in the demonstration of their injury.

Along with quality care, our purpose is to go above and beyond to document a patients injuries: demonstrating it is more than just a “strain/sprain.”