Types of Joint Injuries

joint injuriesJoints are formed when 2 bones meet and are held together by tough fibrous tissues called ligaments which are overlaid by muscles. The ligaments provide the strength and stability while the muscles provide the movement. This complex structure allows for both support and motion. Injury to any of these tissues can cause pain and or loss of motion. Below are 2 of the common types of joint injuries.

Joint injuries can happen suddenly such as a sprained ankle while running or turned knee during a ski accident. They can also slowly develop as you continually repeat a certain movement again and again.

2 Main Types of Joint Injuries

Acute Injury – the first type of the joint injuries is an acute injury. This is typically a sudden injury that happens due to an accident or fall. Think of a twisted knee, sprained ankle or dislocated shoulder. This type of joint injury may be noted by:

> Pain that is immediate or
> Pain that peaks in first few hours or day
> Stiff, swollen joint
> Weakness or instability in the joint
> Loss of strength or motion of the joint

  • Overuse Injury – the second type of joint injuries is the overuse injury. This injury is typically caused by too much stress placed on a joint again and again. This can happen during any type of exercise, sports or work activity. Any action that you could do repetitively could lead to an overuse injury. This type of injury is noted by:> Tenderness or pain when you move the joint
    > Stiffness and swelling, many times in the morning
    > Weakness
    > Loss of strength
    > Trouble using the joint

    A Doctor of Chiropractic can help you diagnose the severity of your joint injuries and outline a treatment program for your needs. This program should include treatment to reduce your pain as well as therapies to accelerate the healing.  Some joint injuries may require rehabilitative and home exercises. Ask your chiropractor if there are any additional tests or referrals that might be helpful in your recovery.

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