Stress Busting Office Workout – Seated W’s

Many sedentary jobs slowly cause muscle imbalances to develop in the upper back and neck. These eventually cause distortions of the normal spinal mechanics of neck and upper back. Left untreated, this can produce irritation of the spinal joints, muscles and nerves resulting in various pain patterns.

Some of the more common symptoms include: headaches, neck pain, mid-back pain, shoulder pain and pain down the arm. One simple exercise you can do while at your desk is a Sitting W’s, demonstrated below.

SITTING W’s                                                                                                      Request An Appointment

Begin by sitting up straight, contract your stomach muscles. Raise your arms to shoulder level, as pictured. Squeeze your shoulder blades together, then slowly raise them straight up as in a surrender position. Slowly lower them back down. Repeat 10 times.

These exercises performed 2-3 times a day on a regular basis can go a long way helping to keep you feeling good!

If you are experiencing some type of neck or back pain, go easy with the exercises: if in a week they are not helping, call our office at (314) 731-4383 to schedule an appointment; your condition could be more than just muscular.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended provide chiropractic/medical diagnosis, advice, opinion, treatment or services. It is intended to provide generalized educational information and should not be substituted for professional care. We are not responsible for any advice, treatment or diagnosis you obtain from this information.