Steroid Injections Linked to Joint Degeneration

Steroid Injections are damaging, but there is an steroid injectionalternative!

Steroid injections, commonly used by physicians to treat the pain and inflammation of joint issues, has been found to increase the likelihood of joint degeneration. (1)

One study conducted by Mayo Clinic has determined that steroid injections can be damaging to the normal regenerative tissue of the joints.

In another study, conducted at The University of North Carolina, looked at the results of steroid injections for 33 patients with hip joint issues. This study found that 97% of those in a study group suffered marked decreases in the joint space of their hips in just 6 months! The average decrease in joint space noted was slightly over 52%. Further, one third of the participants went on to developed bone on bone degeneration.

These two studies add further evidence that steroid injections, while providing some temporary relief of pain, actually contribute to the problem of further joint degeneration.

So what can help? Try Chiropractic

In many cases of joint degeneration, the cause is faulty motion of the joint resulting in increased joint stress. This process can result in an uneven wear and tear on a joint as well as the developing of bone spurs.

The chiropractic approach is to restore as much as possible the normal joint alignment and mobility, reducing the joint stress and slowing the degenerative process. Before you get a steroid injection, you owe it to yourself to give safe, conservative chiropractic care a chance. All you have to lose is your pain!

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