Softball Injuries And Prevention

softball injuriesInjuries to young softball players are on the upswing, now nearly as common as baseball injuries, thankfully, they usually result in less competition time lost. The most common injuries involve the shoulder, wrist, hand and the back and are common among all positions. The pitcher, however, experienced different types of injury to the shoulder, back and neck due to the repetitive windmill type motion.

Common Over Use Injuries In Softball

The most common over use injury experienced by pitchers is tendinitis or inflammation of muscle tendons; most commonly in the shoulder.

Catchers, commonly develop back, knee and shoulder problems due to overuse. For other positional players, the common overuse injuries involve the should and elbow.

Preventing Overuse Softball Injuries

There are some simple steps that can be taken to help diminish the chance of developing an over use injury. They include:

  • 1. Proper warm up stretches
  • 2. Rotate positions regularly
  • 3. Adhere to pitch count
  • 4. Don’t play year round
  • 5. Avoid pitching on multiple teams
  • 6. Emphasize proper mechanics

If an overuse injury develops, the best treatment is rest. Ice the area with 20 min applications 2-3x/day. Also, soft tissue work by a chiropractic physician can help to relax muscle spasm and increase the flexibility of the muscle and ligaments.

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