Sciatica (leg pain): Wait Before You Have Surgery

Sciatica Leg Pain

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Sciatica – that searing pain that shoots from the low back, through the buttocks and down the leg past the knee! It is that type of pain you will do almost anything to find relief – even surgery! But, before you go under the knife, there may be an alternative – chiropractic care. There is new research that indicates chiropractic may be just as effective as surgery.

The common surgery used for sciatic leg pain is microdiscectomy and for some can be effective. Yet researchers question the necessity of this surgery in all cases. This led to a research study to determine if chiropractic care could be just as successful.

This study included patients experiencing sciatica that also had attempted other conservative methods of treatment but were still suffering. These included massage, acupuncture, painkillers and lifestyle changes. Of these patients half were randomly assigned for surgery, while the other half were treated by chiropractors. The results: 60% of those receiving chiropractic care clearly improved.

While no one treatment option is 100% effective, the conclusion of the researches that patients suffering from sciatica should seek chiropractic care BEFORE choosing surgery.

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