Pregnancy and Back Pain Relief Through Chiropractic

Chiropractic Can Help To Relieve Pain During Pregnancypregnancy back pain

In a woman’s life, pregnancy can be a wonderful time. Unfortunately, it can also cause significant pain or discomfort. Many women’s, quality of life is affected by conditions such as back pain, migraines or carpal tunnel syndrome. Since most women want to protect their baby, they choose not use things like medication that can cause side effects.

The good news! Chiropractic care is a safe and natural way to help manage your pain during pregnancy. Research has shown that low back, pelvis and hip pain can be substantially reduced by safe and effective chiropractic adjustments. Additionally, conditions such as headache, sciatica and even stress, in most instances be reduced by chiropractic care.

Postural and Hormonal Changes

During pregnancy, the additional weight that is gained changes your normal posture and places much more stress on the joints and muscles of your low back and pelvis. This can result in irritation and inflammation of the spinal and pelvic joints. Hormonal fluctuations can cause migraines and near the time of delivery, the hormone relaxin can reach 10x it’s normal levels allowing an extra “looseness” in the pelvic ligaments. The results: low back and hip pain!

Chiropractic physicians use gentle adjustments to restore the normal mobility and alignment of the low back spinal and pelvic joints. These adjustments help to relieve the pressure and irritation of the related nerves as well as reduce the stress on the joints and supporting ligaments.

Also, chiropractic care is great for more than just your pain. Adjustments can help you to maintain optimal wellness during your pregnancy. Studies demonstrate that these adjustments can also help to reduce your stress hormones, heart rate and blood pressure, as well as boost your immunity.

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