Poor Posture Increases Disc Herniation

loss of neck curve herniated disc.jpgPoor posture or loss of normal neck curve has been linked to a greater chance of a herniated disc.

In the neck, the normal curve of the spine is a backwards C-shape. This curve is first developed when we are infants as we learn to hold are heads up. This normal curve balances are head and distributes the weight evenly through the spinal joints and discs.

Unfortunately, it in our society, many people have developed poor posture from a more sedentary lifestyle: including young people. It is common for office workers and students to spend long hours sitting hunched over at a disk, working on a computer. This work posture can cause a loss of the normal backwards C-curve of the neck.

In addition to sitting at a computer all day, poor posture happens with too much usage of a smartphone: i.e. texting or watching video. Auto accidents are another cause of a loss of the neck curve. The force of the impact rapidly stretches the muscles and ligaments allowing the neck to lose its normal curve.

Teenagers At Risk

Studies performed in China looked at teenagers with complaints of neck pain and discovered a significantly high rate of abnormal neck curves. In the ages of 6 to 15 years of age the rate was 61%; ages 16 to 25 the rate was 71% and ages 26 – 35 years revealed 76% abnormalities.  In another study, patients with disc degeneration in their neck, it was found that almost 58% had a loss of the normal curve in the neck.

A recent review of literature found that there was a connection between the greater loss of a normal neck curve and the increased degree of disc herniation. Further it demonstrated that there is an increase likelihood of spinal cord compression with a loss of normal neck curve. What is exceptionally significant about this study is that it involves younger patients, under the age of 40.

One of the best treatments you can do for a loss of normal neck curve and disc herniation is regular chiropractic care. Our office has years of experience treating individuals with neck pain, loss of neck curve and herniated discs. Let us help you with a customized exercise and treatment plan. Call today (314) 731-4383 or CLICK TO CALL NOW