Permanent Neck Weakness From Whiplash Injury

neck weakness from whiplashResearch demonstrates that you can have permanent neck weakness from a whiplash auto injury. The strength and stability of our neck is due to small bands of tissues called ligaments, which hold the bones of our neck tightly together. These ligaments contain many small nerve fibers that continually send signals to our brain, relaying the bones position and movement.

During a car accident, there are rapid and violent shearing motions the can tear or strain these ligaments, resulting in a stretching and laxity. In a study from Japan, they recreated simulated motion of whiplash injury and the force on the neck and ligaments. It was found that the forces involved in even a mild impact could stretch the ligaments so bad that they could no longer stabilize the spine. When these ligaments were stretched, it would cause the small nerves in the ligaments to send the wrong signals to the brain which would cause abnormal motion int the joint. This would then cause significant laxity of the ligaments and permanent neck weakness.

The ultimate outcome of this permanent neck weakness would be chronic pain and disability as the spine loses it strength stability and integrity. Eventually, degenerative changes, such as arthritis, would develop in the injured joints.

Chiropractic Can Help Prevent Permanent Neck Weakness

If you’ve been injured in a crash, it is important to get treatment right away to prevent worsening conditions. Chiropractic physicians are skilled in the diagnosing and treatment of auto related injury. At our office you will receive a detailed history and examination of your injuries. In many instances, we take a specialized motion x-ray series with the intent to see if there is any ligament laxity. Then we discuss with you the extent of your injuries and a treatment plan designed to help you avoid permanent neck weakness.

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