What NOT Do When Watching TV

Watching TV on couchAccording to the New York Daily News, the average American watches 5 hours of TV per day! That’s a lot of time in one position and it can be hazardous to your health: specifically, your back and neck health!

When watching TV, we can get so into the show that we don’t notice the awkward positions we place ourselves in. Next movie night, slyly watch your family or friends; take note of the twisted and slumped positions they are in. Staying in these positions eventually take a toll on our back and neck.


Staying in these positions or postures places abnormal stress on our spinal joints, slowly stretching the ligaments that are supposed to hold our spinal bones tightly together. In some ways, it is like stretching leather, it does not bounce back very well.

Once these ligaments are stretched, the looseness allows the spinal bones to gently misalign, losing their normal position and take on the alignment of the abnormal posture. This results in a loss of the normal neck and low back curve as well as causing painful and limited motion. Left untreated, this poor spinal structure can increase the likelihood of neck and back pain, headache and even early spinal arthritis.

Some of the more common TV watching positions that can affect our spinal health includes:

  • Side-lying on a couch with your head propped up on a pillow or the arm of the couch.
  • Lying on a couch on your back with your head propped up.
  • Sitting with your head turned to one side to see the TV.
  • Sitting slumped down in a chair or couch.
  • Lying on your side using your hand to support your head.

Consistently applying the following four steps can help to limit the detrimental affects of the above TV watching postures.

  1. Take a break and stretch
  2. Change positions frequently
  3. Re-arrange the furniture
  4. Use good posture

Unfortunately for some, the simple fixes might be too late and professional assistance may be necessary. If you are experiencing pain, headaches or stiffness, the damage may have begun. This is where we can help. Gentle chiropractic adjustments as well as specific spinal exercises can work to counter these structural problems of your spine and help to eliminate the pain.

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