Headaches & Relief

chiropractic and headache relief

Effective Headache Relief

Headaches: there are many causes and many types. Regardless of the reason, you want fast relief when you have a headache!

The commonness of headaches has produced a plethora of medications designed to cover up the symptoms of headache pain. From the over the counter drugs to powerful prescription one, there are numerous ones that will numb your nervous system so you do not feel the pain.

However, most of these drugs only work to mask the pain and do not address the cause of your headache. Along with the cover up, many can cause adverse effects on the liver or kidneys.

One of the major causes of headaches is the irritation and inflammation of spinal joints in the upper neck.  These little joints, called facet joints, have been shown to refer pain up into the head.  These facet joints become irritated and inflamed when the spinal vertebra loses their normal alignment or mobility, creating stress within the joint.

These joint misalignments happen many times due to prolonged poor body posture on a regular basis. Such things at sitting slouched over a computer, bending the neck forward texting, or sitting slouched down on a couch playing video games. These and other faulty postures place the spinal joints under prolonged stress and eventually they misalign, causing irritation and inflammation.

The longer we maintain these poor postures, the more misaligned the joints become. I have a saying, “We are creatures of habits and eventually we become creatures of our habits.” Eventually, our entire spine adapts to this new posture and correction becomes much more difficult.

If you are experiencing headaches, their cause could be in your neck. A proper chiropractic examination of the motion and alignment of your spine can determine if you are a candidate for chiropractic care.

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