Have You Flossed Your Spine Today?

Dental FlossWhat does flossing have to do with your back?

Dentists have for years educated us that regular flossing is an excellent prevention to dental issues. Regularly flossing can aid in reducing gum inflammation or irritation as well as preventing tooth decay.

Regular chiropractic adjustments are to your back what flossing is to your teeth! They are one of the best methods of preventing joint inflammation and decay – or arthritic degeneration.

Why You Need A Spinal Floss (Adjustment)

All of our joints require a certain amount of normal motion or mobility: this is especially true of the small joints of our spine or back. When a joint loses it’s normal motion, it begins to create internal stress in the joint. This can then result in irritation of the joint, or surrounding ligaments, leading to inflammation.

The longer this inflammation is present; it results in the body depositing bits of fibrous scar tissue in and around the joint. This process then causes a greater limited mobility of the joint, further perpetuating this cycle!

Another key reason to maintain proper motion is for joint lubrication. As we move throughout our daily routine, the joints with normal mobility glide through their full range of motion lubricating the cartilage lining of the joint. This motion not only lubricates, but it nourishes the lining.

When we lose the normal mobility, it can affect the lubrication of the joint and subsequently the nutrition of the cartilage lining. The long-term affect is an increased risk of joint degeneration or more commonly known as arthritis.

So regular adjustments are one of the best measures to maintain normal spinal joint mobility: decreasing the risk of inflammation and joint degeneration.

“How Do I Know If I Have Limited Joint Motion?”

How do you know if you have joint issues in your back? The truth is, unless trauma was the cause, you do not have symptoms initially, but only when the inflammation affects the nerves. Much like the development of a cavity: it is present, but you don’t really feel the pain until it reaches the nerve in the tooth.

Once the inflammation and scar tissue begins to develop, one of the most common symptoms is a subtle stiffness, especially in the morning, which gradually goes away during the day. However, this stiffness readily returns the next morning and the one after that and so on.  This seemingly innocent morning stiffness can be the sign of arthritic degeneration happening in your joints.

Get Your Spine Flossed!

It is the chiropractic adjustment that is the best method of restoring normal joint mobility: decreasing or eliminating this inflammation and slowing the degenerative process.  The chiropractic evaluation should consist of a mechanical analysis of your spine to determine where you may have limited joint motion.

Once this is determined, simple and painless adjustments are performed to restore the normal motion. In most cases, patients are amazed at how relaxed they feel and how much motion they have after and adjustment. The smart, health conscious patient will incorporate regular adjustments in their healthy lifestyle.

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