Exercises For Upper Back & Neck – Wall Angels

Many people experience neck and upper back pain, especially those who sit at a desk or computer all day. Wall Angels are a great exercise to help relieve the stress and tight upper back and neck muscles.

CAUTION: Neck and upper back pain that last for more that 3-4 days or continues to re-occur may be signs of an underlying structural problem. Proper examination is warranted. Call our office to day at (314) 731-4383 or CLICK TO CALL NOW and schedule an examination to get to the source of your pain.

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Begin standing against a wall (facing away from it). Position the arms relaxed with the back of the hands against the wall. Next, slowly slide the arms up the wall. The elbows can remain flexed slightly less than 90 degrees throughout. Work to keep the entire arm and shoulders flat against the wall.

As you continue to lift the arms above the shoulder, it may become harder to maintain contact with the wall, especially if there is tightness in the pecs. Continue to fully elevate the arms overhead working hard to maintain proper alignment and contact with the top of the scapula and the wall.

Pause at the top and then slowly lower back down now focusing on squeezing the shoulder blades down and back toward one another (think pulling the elbow into the back pocket). All motions, both going up and coming down should be slow and steady.

3-4 minutes 2x/day


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