Don’t Feel Old As You Get Older

It is a fact of life: we all get older. Unfortunately, we also begin to notice aches and pains in areas of our body that affect our quality of life. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could avoid feeling old as we age? Well, there is something that can help you keep that youthful spring in your step: chiropractic care!

feeling oldChiropractic adjustments are an effective means to help your spine stay flexible and help prevent the arthritic degeneration.

Here’s how. Your spine is the main support of your body and when healthy is quite strong and flexible. It is made up bones called vertebra which are separated by a tough fibrous cushion called a disc. When healthy, these discs all the spinal bones to move smoothly and with no pain. Holding the spine together are ligaments; tough fibrous bands. Overlying the spine and ligaments are muscles that provide support and movement.

Unfortunately, as we grow older and experience years of injuries, repetitive motion, and poor posture, we develop wear and tear on the discs, ligaments and muscles. This wear and tear results in scar tissue being formed around our spinal joints and they lose their normal flexibility. The discs begin to stiffen, dry out and shrink causing the joints to become stressed and rigid. We lose that youthful smooth mobility.

Over the years this process can cause the joints to become completely immobile. The ligament can calcify and begin to fuse the spinal bones together. These stuck areas of your spine reduce your normal mobility and begin to cause chronic pain. Left untreated, it can eventually affect the nerves that exit from your spine.

Keep That Youthful Feeling

Chiropractic can help you not feel as old as you age, maintaining your flexibility and help prevent spinal degeneration. Chiropractic adjustments work to restore the normal mobility to your stuck spinal joints by gently stretching the stiff ligaments and muscles and help to break up the scar tissue. The adjustments also can activate special nerves in the spinal joints that break up pain signals in the spine and allow the muscles to relax.

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