Choosing A Chiropractor Near Me – How To Decide

chiropractor near meWhen someone is hurting, and they feel that chiropractic may help, one of the most common ways to find a chiropractor is to search chiropractor near me.  While this may be simple, it should only be the beginning of your search.

Searching for a chiropractor near me typically brings up 3 categories of results.

1. First is usually sponsored listings or paid ads. On google, you should see a little box to the left that says “Ad.” While these may be qualified doctors, know that the listing is there because they paid for it.

2. Second, you will typically see a map with offices locations and links to their websites or directions. Many times, the listing will also have a star rating under the name. Clicking the name will open a window where you can find out more information and access the reviews.

3. The third category is below the map listings and typically contains individual offices and third-party websites. A word of caution about these third-party sites: the doctors ranking on these sites may be based on paid membership or advertising dollars spent on the third-party site. It may also be based on reviews on that site and not the doctors overall reviews. Since many of these third-party sites are small and not as popular, they may not have as many reviews.

Evaluating The Doctor After Searching For A Chiropractor Near Me

Once you have performed your search for a chiropractor near me and decided which ones to look into, there are some things you should note to help you decide if they are the one for you.


Part of the results of searching chiropractor near me is many of the listings will have some type of reviews noted. This could be a good source of information to help you determine which chiropractor to choose.


While all chiropractors have to begin somewhere, experience can be an important decision in choosing a doctor. This is especially important when it comes to whiplash or auto injuries. Most chiropractors do well with treating these injuries, but what can be a detriment is the lack of experience in the proper way to document these types of injuries. Since there may be attorneys and insurance companies involved, the lack of proper documentation can result in a less than optimal reimbursement for losses and missed work time.

Specialty – Certification

Chiropractic has advanced over the years to the place that there are many specialties in our profession. Some areas include; radiologist, orthopedists, neurologists, sports injury, nutrition, internal disorders and more. For a chiropractor to state they are a specialist or specializing they must apply and be recognized by the Missouri Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

Extra training

While chiropractic physicians receive excellent education, many choose to advance with additional training such as: auto injury, sports injury, nutrition, exercise therapy, carpal tunnel syndrome, pediatrics, golf, concussion and so much more.  Feel free to ask if the doctor has taken advanced training in conditions that might relate to yours.


The standard form of treatment for a chiropractic physician is the adjustment or manipulation. This is performed by using the hands, instrument or table to put a specific controlled force into a joint that has lost its normal mobility. This adjustment increases joint motion and decreased inflammation and nerve irritation.

One thing unique to chiropractic care is that there are many differ methods to adjust or manipulate the spine, called techniques. Based on the chiropractors schooling, experience, interest, and patient needs, they make the choice of technique used.

While no technique is inherently better than another, some may be better for specific conditions or patients with particular health issues. Feel free to ask your doctor what methods or techniques they use.


In Missouri, if using an In-network provider with your health insurance plan for chiropractic care, the daily allowable amount for services should be the same. The doctor’s office should be willing to verify your coverage to determine deductibles and or co-pays.


When you search chiropractor near me, you will find a wealth of information. I would urge don’t just choose the closest, evaluate the information stated above. Your choice of healthcare professional is one that needs to be based on trust and communication. At our office, we will gladly schedule a complimentary 10-minute consultation to answer some of the questions above, or give you an idea of our approach to healthcare.

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