Chiropractic Found 68% Effective For Migraines!

Migraine Headaches? Chiropractic Can Helpchiropractic and headache relief

Today’s medical model for treating migraine type headaches relies on the use of strong drugs in an attempt to control the pain. But, unfortunately, many of the drugs have serious side effects including vomiting, dizziness and potentially more headaches if they are overused

Thankfully, there are other more natural treatments that can aid in easing the pain of migraines with out the serious side effects. A study conducted in 2012 demonstrated that chiropractic treatment along with massage had a 68% reduction in migraine headache intensity.

This study was conducted with ten male migraine sufferers. They were treated with chiropractic adjustments of the neck and upper back as well as stretching and massage. The average patient reported a reduction in their pain scale, from a 5 to 0.5 with in an hour after being adjustment. There were no significant side effects reported with the treatment.

Further studies are needed to completely understand the cause of migraine headaches. Yet this study indicates that for treating migraines, chiropractic care is beneficial. Along with adjustment, your doctor of chiropractic can assist you with lifestyle changes that may aid in preventing migraines.

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