Chiropractic & Arthritis Relief!

Arthritis pain reliefChiropractic and Arthritis Pain Relief

Arthritis has many different types, regardless of the name, all of them involve are potentially painful and a life limiting condition. The most common form is Osteoarthritis which is a wearing away of the joints normal cartilage. In most cases, chiropractic has been proven to be an effective form of treatment to help alleviate or diminish the pain and restore a more normal lifestyle.

How Osteoarthritis Develops

Osteoarthritis can be viewed as a wear and tear process that slowly grinds a way at the affected joint. Typically, some form of trauma affects the normal alignment and motion of the joint initiate this type of arthritis.  One of the most common types of trauma that can start the arthritic degeneration is an auto injury. In fact, research demonstrates that those who suffer a “whiplash” type injury are six times more likely to develop arthritis.

Another form of trauma that can result in osteoarthritis is micro-trauma or repetitive motion injuries. This type of trauma is due either to bad body position placing stress on the joints or a repeated motion or activity that continually causes misalignment of the joint.

In both these types of trauma, the result is damage to the ligaments, the tough leather like tissue, that are supposed to hold the bones and joints in their normal position. These damaged ligaments then allow the bones to loose their normal position and mobility, increasing internal stress resulting in a breakdown of the joint. Over time, this process results in the arthritic degeneration. Simply put: if you joints are out of alignment, they wear unevenly – much like the front end of your car being out of alignment, your tires wear unevenly.

How Can Chiropractic Help Arthritis?

Chiropractic care focuses on the body’s ability to heal itself by restoring as much as possible, the normal motion and mobility of the affected joints. Once joints are aligned and moving with more freedom, it can decrease the need for pain medication.

The main method of chiropractic care is called an adjustment or spinal manipulation. This procedure involves the Doctor of Chiropractic using specific methods to place a gentle thrust or force into a misaligned joint, restoring the normal mobility and reducing the damaging stress within the joint.

Regularly receiving chiropractic adjustments as well as proper body mechanics and exercise can go a long way in helping to prevent the damages of arthritis.

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