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Overuse injury in the child athlete

Overuse injury is common with the child athlete. Dr. Martin Schmaltz, North County Chiropractor, presents 3 signs your child might be developing an overuse injury. More signs are presented as well as what you can do to start treating the overuse injury HERE.

3 Tips To Prevent Gardening Back Pain

Dr Schmaltz presents 3 tips to help prevent back pain from gardening. ´╗┐ You can download free Low Back Stretches┬á HERE For more tips to prevent low back pain click HERE

Shoulder Pain: The Impingment Syndrome

A Common Cause Of Shoulder Pain Shoulder pain is common for many people. One of the most common causes is a condition known as an Impingement Syndrome. This condition occurs when one of the muscle tendons of the rotator cuff is pinched, resulting in inflammation, pain and limited motion. Left untreated, it can develop into… Read more »

3 Myths of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Not All Hand Pain Or Numbness Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Many individuals suffer from hand pain or numbness and it is natural to associate this with a carpal tunnel syndrome or CTS. In this video, Hazelwood chiropractor, Dr. Martin Schmaltz presents three of the common myths regarding carpal tunnel syndrome. They include: 1. Not all… Read more »