Car Accidents, Suffering & Your Life!

Car Accidents Can Ruin Your Life!car accident suffering

Living in a metro area like St Louis, car accidents are quite common. Unfortunately, these collisions can impact the health of the victims, even if the impact and car damage was minor. The force from the collision is typically transferred to the occupant’s spine or neck, causing a whiplash type snapping of the neck. This forceful motion can cause damage to the nerves, ligaments, discs, muscles and in some cases cause fractures. Other symptoms can include headaches, blurred vision, memory loss and a “dazed” feeling. Victims suffering from these types of symptoms should immediately consult with a chiropractor experienced in handling car accident injuries

In addition to the injuries related to the head and neck above, many car accident victims suffer injuries to their shoulders, arms, knees and feet. When the impact throws the person forward, many times the shoulder harness engages, rapidly stopping the person’s upper body and causing injury to the shoulder. Others strike their knees on the steering wheel or dashboard.

Many of the victims injured in a car accident suffer long term pain: some research estimates over 25% suffer over two years from their injuries! Unfortunately, not only do they hurt, but their quality of life suffers: family relationships become strained, work can be affected as well as caring for a child or recreational activities. The neck or back pain, headaches and other issues can sap the joy from a person’s life!

No matter how seemingly insignificant your accident and injury may seem, left untreated, it can produce severe pain and degeneration, significantly interfering with your quality of life. Dr. Schmaltz is one of the uniquely qualified chiropractors trained to handle car accident injuries. He and his staff can help you get your life back to normal.

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