Auto Injury: Choice of Doctor Can Affect Your Settlement

Your Doctor’s Notes Could Lower Your Settlement By 20%!

Choosing the right chiropractor for your auto injury can have significant impact on your claim’s settlement. While most are qualified to treat the various injuries sustained in an auto accident, it is the medical records that are crucial for the settlement of your case.


It is reported that over 70% of auto insurance companies use specialized computer programs, such as Colossus, to determine the value of your injury settlement.  Understanding what information the program requires is a must if you are to get the best possible settlement.

To determine a value for your claim, the insurance adjuster enters information about your injury into the software system. The information is then assigned various “values” by the software program. These values are used to determine the severity of your injury and give an estimate of case value.

As you would imagine, the major source of information about your injury comes from your doctor’s notes. Using the right terminology in your notes can positively influence the value of your case. Using the wrong terminology can result in a lower case value.

Colossus Is Picky!Auto Injury: Questions to ask your doctor

The challenge in using software like Colossus is that it is picky: it looks for specific terminology. If this correct verbiage is not used, Colossus assigns a lower value to the injury. Some experts state there is up to a 20% reduction of settlement value if wrong terminology is used or omitted.

It is the old adage: “GIGO – Garbage In, Garbage Out.”  Correct terminology can increase the value, while wrong terminology can decrease the value.

While one would expect their doctor to use the right verbiage, many use traditional words that are not specific to auto injury cases. That is why it is wise to choose your doctor based on experience and their understanding of this insurance process.  It could make a difference in your settlement.

If you have suffered an auto injury, before you commit to treatment plan, ask your doctor the list of questions you will find in the side box. If they answer yes to them, they will probably do a good job of documentation.

If they answer no, they may not use the documentation that Colossus is looking for and it could cost you in a lower settlement value. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our office at  (314) 731-4383. REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT


Dr Martin Schmaltz is a chiropractic physician, with years of experience and training with regards to treating auto injury victims. He has studied extensively the key terminology that programs like Colossus look for.