Auto Accident Can Cause Low Back Pain

man with low back pain from auto accidentResearch Demonstrates Low Back Pain Common With Auto Accidents

Research conducted by the Department of Emergency Medicine at Queen’s University demonstrated that low back pain is a common injury in auto accidents.

A study of 353 patients who were involved in rear impact collisions and followed for 2 years demonstrated that initially, 53% suffered low back pain. In the 2 year follow up, 40% were still suffering from low back pain.

Other common symptoms associated with the auto accidents that victims were still experiencing at 6 months after the impact included:

  • Low back pain – 44%
  • Neck stiffness – 44%
  • Headaches – 43%
  • Arm/hand numbness or weakness – 26%
  • Visual complaints – 14%

The study also revealed that at 6 months after the injury, 36% of the victims were still forced to modify their work activities and 35% had to modify their leisure activities due to the pain.

Along with low back pain, auto accidents can cause a host of other injuries. Left untreated, many people must result to changing their normal lifestyle to accommodate the pain.

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