7 Tips To Choose The Right Mattress

Choosing the right mattress can be tough!hazelwood chiropractor and mattress

A common question we are asked in our office is: “What is the best type of mattress to get?” Tough question! Unfortunately, there is no one standard answer. In choosing the “right” mattress, the are so many factors to consider that it makes it nearly impossible to give a “one size fits all” answer.

The search for the “perfect” mattress should begin with a thorough health and sleep history with your Doctor of Chiropractic. Identification of any current health issues are key: various parts of the body might need special support while sleeping. Also, a sleep history will include any type of sleeping difficulties, sleeping positions, current mattress types or environment.

After key issues have been identified, there are some points to consider when selecting your mattress.

1) Those suffering from low back pain often benefit from a firm bed.   The mattress should not be a rock hard one, but firm enough to support the normal low back curve and keep it from sinking into the bed.

2) Stomach sleepers can also benefit from a firm mattress. Stomach sleeping on a too soft mattress will cause the mid back to bend backwards.

3) Older and patients suffering with arthritic degeneration may like a firm mattress because it is easier to roll over and get up out of the bed.

4) Larger patients should consider a firm mattress because they provide better support of the low back and take longer to break down than a soft mattress.

5) Those suffering from neck or upper back pain can benefit from the plush or pillow top mattress. The cushioning allows the head and upper back to sink into the support while lying on the back.

6) Side sleepers can find more support of the natural shape of the body and keep the spine straight with a plush or pillow top mattress.

7) Memory foam mattress may help those with multiple painful joints or those who have had joint replacements. The memory foam disperses the pressure yet still allows for good support.

As you can see, there are many factors that go into the choice of a mattress. Again, the right mattress is ultimately a personal choice. If you find yourself continually waking up with pain, stiffness or not being rested, maybe you should consider a new mattress.

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