2 Critical Reasons To Get Care After An Auto Injury

long term painMany people who have been in a “minor” auto injury fail to understand two critical reasons they should seek care! After an auto accident, many times the focus is on the damage to our cars. We worry about when can I get it fixed or how am I going to get to work. While this is important, it may not be the most important thing to do for your health.

While some people attempt to shake off or downplay their initial stiffness or soreness, there are two critical reasons you should get treatment. First, long term pain can result from no treatment. Second, early joint degeneration can be a long-term consequence.

Critical Reason #1 – Long Term Pain

Research has shown that approximately 50% of people who have suffered an auto injury are still hurting 12 months later! There can be a number of reasons why, but one of the most common is due to scar tissue developing in the injured muscles and ligaments. Scar tissue is the junk tissue in the body; it has less blood supply than normal, more nerve fibers and does not stretch like normal tissue. Thus, every time a joint is stressed, it irritates this sensitive tissue and causes pain.

Critical Reason #1 – Early Joint Degeneration

The second critical reason to seek care is to help prevent early degenerative joint problems. Research also show that at 5 years after the injury, 50% of the victims show degenerative changes in the joints and disc of the neck.

The most common reason is again due to the scar tissue that forms, limiting the normal motion or flexibility of the spinal joints. This creates abnormal motion and increases the stress in the joints. Eventually they break down and cause pain.

The best way to prevent issues from these problems is to seek the appropriate care right away. Scar tissue can begin to develop as soon as 2 week after the injury. Again, research has demonstrated the earlier you get care, the better chance you have of avoiding these long term affects.

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